Improving your pacing and speed. April 2015

After the first 4 weeks of the speed work there have been some vast improvements in posture and technique and most of all times!!!
Athletes are seeing their race times tumbling. This is due to tiny adjustments to technique posture and pacing.
April will continue in the same format but with more detailed training sessions and more effort.
I am concentrating on 5k and 10k racers but of course everyone will benefit from doing the sessions.
Don’t be put off by the term “speed work” as it will be anything but that for the first few weeks. I’m hoping that runners who have attended the sessions before will come along and support the beginners.
The plan below outlines how we will progress for April.

Week 1

Identifying your goals
Practice pacing and introduce some more technique.
Including fast feet.

Week 2

A not so gentle hill session with uphill and downhill technique.

Week 3

More Fast feet and high knees and silly walks!!!!!!!!!!

Week 4

More serious paced running with technique. Plus review of
the past four weeks and how we progress to the next block
of training. How does a track session appeal. Your thoughts please?