Thank you – everyone!


So very many people came together to make the Ironbridge Half Marathon 2017 such a huge success.

Thank you to the runners – your determination to win, to beat your own time, to raise money, to simply take part – whatever your reason, thank you for running with us. Every one of you is an inspiration, and the day of course couldn’t have been without you!

Thank you to our marshals, who all gave up their precious time to help with the immense task of organising an event of this scale. There were so many tiny acts and huge endeavors that all came together to make the day special for everyone. Special thanks for showing off the Telford Harriers spirit of limitless friendliness, support and enthusiasm!

Thank you to the committee, who devote countless hours to organising a list of things so vast you couldn’t begin to make it up.

Thank you to JC Race Solutions and all the organisations who helped give that little bit of extra something special to our event.

Thank you to Brian Smith for taking incredible action shots of our runners – not sure whether it’s Brian’s excellent timing or some of you were actually flying!

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Busch and Bronze.

And super, extra special thank you to Charlotte Gardner, our extraordinary Race Director for the past three years. You’ve brought so much to the event and helped it grow from strength to strength with a trajectory that will continue even after your departure (hence the title!) from the role – we really don’t know what we’re going to do without you!! And not forgetting the gorgeous organiser of the Fun Run, Jason Ward – thank you too!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Chris Richards – another huge thank you deserved! (Click or swipe – there are more!)


The results of the race are already up online for all to see.

Huge congratulations to our winners and to every single person who took part!

One last thing to consider: #IHM2018 is now less than a year away!!

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